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Required Forms

Required Forms + Documents

Upon acceptance to the program, all required forms must be completed and submitted via the student applicant dashboard by June 1, 2020. All documents can be found on the dashboard and require a parent’s signature. You will not be able to attend classes until all required forms have been signed and submitted. Required forms include:

  • Consent to Treat and Transport (parent signature required)
  • Counseling Services Consent (parent signature required)
  • FERPA Consent
  • Photo Release (parent signature required)
  • Student Conduct Agreement (parent signature required)
  • Student ID Photo Submission
  • Housing Application
  • Health Services Portal (available March 30)
    The Medicat Health Services Portal will not be available to complete until March 30 as you need to use your RISD Account username and password. However, the online forms require extensive student health information, a physician’s authorization and signature, and immunization records. The forms may be downloaded and completed in advance. Please review this information immediately and plan accordingly in order to return the forms in timeNote: In compliance with HIPAA, health forms must be uploaded directly to the Medicat Portal; please do not email them. If you have any questions regarding the required health forms, please contact 401 454-6625 or health@risd.eduThe forms can be downloaded below:

Physical Form
Immunization Form

Student Handbook
The student handbook contains detailed information about arrival and departure; housing, dining and safety; and academic and disciplinary policies and procedures. You and your parents/guardians are required to read the handbook carefully, and be completely familiar with the official policies and procedures contained in the handbook prior to arrival on campus.

Apply for Housing

In early April you’ll receive an email with information on the housing application, as well as other important documents like the Weekend Away and Early Arrival forms. Housing applications are due by June 1.


An important part of Pre-College experience is getting to meet new friends in a new environment; that’s why we don’t give the option of requesting a specific roommate. It’s important that you complete your housing application on your own and answer as candidly as possible, because our office will use the application to pair you with a roommate based on similarities in important living habits (e.g., similar sleeping hours). Students coming from the same school, city or major will not be paired together.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Residence Life Office by email or by phone at 401 454-6650. To best assist you, please indicate that you are calling or emailing regarding RISD Pre-College.

Student Resources

RISD Account

Once admitted, you’ll be assigned a RISD account (username and password) that will allow you to access resources and services on campus. Account information will be sent from RISD’s Information Technology Services (ITS) on March 25 to the student primary email address. A parent email address CANNOT be used for these emails. Be sure to check the spam and junk folders on the student primary email account in the event that the email is directed there. If you do not receive your credentials by March 25, please contact RISD’s IT Services Desk at 401 454-6106.

Art Supplies List

Items in the general supply list will be enough to get you started for your foundation courses. You’re invited to bring any supplies from home to supplement the cost of supplies. Specific course supply lists may be attached to your schedule at Check-In, after which there will be time to go and purchase these materials. Most supplies are available at the RISD Store or the RISD Store 3D located on campus. Please note that you may be asked to buy more specific supplies as needed after the program begins.


The My RISD app will be a great resource for you during the program. It has interactive maps to help you get around campus, dining and laundry locations, quick links to the Pre-College schedule, a list of upcoming events, local resources and so much more. You can also elect to receive push notifications from RISD Pre-College staff about event sign-ups, last-minute details and activity invites.

My RISD is available on both Apple and Google Play stores.


The RISD!ALERT emergency notification system uses broadcast phone, email and text messaging for quick distribution of time-sensitive information to students, faculty, staff and family members. The primary email address listed on the Pre-College application is automatically enrolled in the system. During critical events involving your personal safety, you will receive advisories and instructions to the phone number you provide.

You must sign up for the RISD!ALERT system by June 22.