Student Conduct 

RISD Pre-College encourages artistic and intellectual freedom, but also offers a structured campus environment. Most students live in campus residence halls, which are accessible only by authorized ID cards. Special rules apply to Pre-College students, which include but are not limited to evening curfew and the need for parental and/or guardian permission to leave campus overnight. Further details of conduct expectations, attendance and curfew policies are included in the student handbook, which is provided to students after acceptance into the program. Students must be able to follow all of the guidelines or should not consider the program.

Violations of college policies and regulations may result in such sanctions as a warning, probation or dismissal. All policy materials must be read and acknowledged prior to the start of the program.

PARENTS, PLEASE NOTE: RISD’s Pre-College Program is oriented toward independent young people. The student needs to take initiative both in and outside of the classroom including prioritizing their schedule to accommodate extensive homework assignments. Students are responsible to actively seek out information and guidance from faculty, Residence Life and other appropriate staff to resolve any issue. If parents and their children are seeking a somewhat sheltered environment, they should consider the nature of this program very carefully before applying.

NOTE TO COMMUTERS: Parents/guardians are solely responsible for whatever choices they make should they choose to house their students off-campus, and for whatever may happen to their students while they are off-campus. Additionally, they are responsible for arranging all transportation to and from RISD. Students who reside off-campus are still subject to all rules and regulations including the Pre-College Code of Conduct.

Academic + Attendance Requirements

Pre-College follows a full-time collegiate curriculum and standards. The program has specific academic and attendance policies that are in place to make sure students are able to keep up with the workload and succeed overall. Below are some of the key requirements of the program.

As a RISD Pre-College student you will need to:

  • Arrive on campus on time at the start of the program and attend all Student Orientations beginning on Saturday, June 23, 2018.
  • Arrive to each class on time and prepared. Review and fully understand the guidelines for classroom behavior and academic performance as outlined by each instructor’s syllabus.
  • Attend and actively engage in each class and present all coursework (including homework) on time.
  • Not behave in any manner that is disruptive to the progress of instruction and learning environment.
  • Adhere to the English proficiency requirements overall as outlined on the Application for non-native English language students.
  • Attend all six weeks of the program through Finals Critique week and not leave the program prior to the end of class on Friday, August 2, 2018. *
  • Participate in the Finals Exhibitions as directed including the submittal of artwork by the deadline and not removing your work from an exhibition prior to 2:30pm on Friday, August 2, 2018.

*Students who incur 3 full-day absences (across all courses) may be dismissed from the program. Absences for medical reasons are included in this policy as RISD Pre-College does not offer an “excused” absence.  Late arrival to class (at the beginning, after lunch or as assigned) will account towards a half day’s absence, except for Critical Studies in Art classes in which it will account for a full day’s absence.

Absence during class days for family events such as weddings, birthdays, vacations or other social engagements are not permitted. However, residential students may attend these or other events (with parental permission) on evenings up until curfew, Saturday, Sunday up until curfew or for the entire weekend (Friday evening up until Sunday curfew) on your one pre-designated Weekend Away. Weekend Away forms are provided along with Housing Forms in May. Note: The one Weekend Away is optional and most students choose to stay on campus on weekends in order to keep up with their studies and participate in all aspects of the program.

Academic Review

Each faculty member develops the content and criteria for reviewing and grading student performance. Some factors include class participation, quality of work, receptivity to new ideas and experimentation, as well as attendance and behavior.

Attendance is essential to maintaining and supporting a professional working environment and for students to keep up with their studies. RISD Pre-College has a strict attendance policy throughout the program and during finals.

Occasionally, in addition to a faculty review and grade assessment, there may be an academic and/or program review by a Program Administrator during or after the program ends. This may result in a student who has or has not performed well in class receiving a significant reduction in their grade, failing a course and/or dismissal from the program – even post-program. Most often this is the result of a student not submitting a Final project, being absent from a Final class or breaking policy during the final days/weeks of the program.

All students, parents and guardians should review the above essential academic requirements before applying to Pre-College and agree to adhere to all of the policies outlined in the Student Handbook (received after acceptance). Students should be able to follow the above guidelines or should not consider the program.

Parents: If your child has a disability please contact Brittany Goodwin, Director of Disability Services and Academic Support at bgoodwin@risd.edu or 401-709-8460, prior to submitting your application to learn what reasonable accommodations can and cannot be provided during the Pre-College program.

Withdrawal and Refunds

To officially withdraw from the Pre-College Program, prior to the start of the program, submit written notification to the Summer Programs Assistant by email at cemail@risd.edu.

To officially withdraw from the Pre-College Program, after the start of the program, students must meet with the Assistant Director of Pre-College for withdrawal approval. Student and parents or guardian must sign a voluntary withdrawal form (completed by Assistant Director of Pre-College). Students may not withdraw from the program without written notification of a parent or guardian. Failure to properly withdraw from the program results in a permanent grade of ‘F’ on the student’s record.

Refunds for voluntary withdrawal after the student has been accepted into the program are granted, minus your non-refundable deposit, according to the following schedule:

  • May 25


  • May 26-June 15


  • June 16-22


  • June 23-29


  • June 30-July 6


  • After July 6

    no refund

IMPORTANT: No tuition or other fees are refunded to a student who is asked to leave the program for a violation of school policies or regulations. The Pre-College student handbook, included in the program forms and documents, more fully describes these regulations. At check-in, students and their parents or guardians are required to sign a statement affirming that this information has been read.

Please note: Refunds take up to six weeks to process. Refunds are made payable to the student and are sent to the mailing address indicated on the application.


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