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A drawing of onions - artwork by Sonny Yu
Artwork by Sonny Yu


To be eligible to attend, you must be in grades 10–12* (or the equivalent) and be between 15 and 18 years old. Students who are rising sophomores and turn 15 within 3 months after the course start date are eligible to attend. (See age eligibility guidelines below.) Beyond that, RISD’s Advanced Program Online is open to all, regardless of your experience, training or skill level in art. There are no admission tests or portfolio requirements.

*For the summer term, students who are rising sophomores (grade 10 or the equivalent) or have graduated from high school this year are eligible to attend.

Age eligibility timeline for current sophomores who are 14:

  • Summer 2024 Session I: Must turn 15 by September 22, 2024
  • Summer 2024 Session II Must turn 15 by October 21, 2024
  • Fall 2025 Session I: Must turn 15 by Dec 14, 2024
  • Fall 2025 Session II: Must turn 15 by January 26, 2025
  • Spring 2025 Session I: Must turn 15 by June 1, 2025
  • Spring 2025 Session II: Must turn 15 by July 12, 2025

If you are 14 and meet the age eligibility timelines above, call 401 454-6200 to have your registration completed by an enrollment specialist.

How to register

To register for an Advanced Program Online course, you’ll use our course registration system. If you are under 18, your legal parent/guardian must complete the steps to create a student account in the Student Portal, and complete the registration on your behalf.


Partial scholarships for RISD’s Advanced Program Online may be available for the fall, spring and summer terms to students who demonstrate significant financial need. RISD CE programs do not qualify for federal or state financial aid through the FAFSA. Scholarship awards are limited and the amounts vary based on the quantity of qualified applications received. When granted, award amounts usually offset a portion of the tuition for a single course only. Applicants who have attended RISD CE courses or who have applied for scholarships in a/the previous semester(s) must be in good standing with RISD CE.

To apply, submit a Scholarship Application (available in the Student Portal when registration opens for the fall, spring and summer semesters) by the deadline specified on the RISD CE calendar. Late applications will not be processed.

Questions? Contact the RISD CE Office at 401 454-6200 or

Disability support

Rhode Island School of Design Continuing Education attempts to make its classes, programs, events and services accessible by providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations. The office of Disability Support Services (DSS) assists students who have cognitive (learning), psychological, physical, and chronic medical disabilities. Requests for accommodations should be made at the time of registration. Students should reach out as far in advance as possible to ensure accommodations are in place prior to the start of the program/course(s).

Students interested in registering for academic accommodations can connect with RISD Disability Support Services via virtual intake meetings through Zoom. Reach out to to schedule an appointment or to learn more about how DSS can support you.

Modifications cannot be made to program or course curriculum. If you need access to the RISD Continuing Education office at 345 South Main Street, Providence, contact an enrollment assistant at 401 454-6200 or for further assistance.