About Advanced Program Online

A teenage girl working with a pad of drawing paper.

Program dates

Spring 2024
Session I: March 2–31
Session II: April 13–May 12

Summer 2024
Session I: June 22–July 20
Session II: July 21–August 18

Program description

Founded in 1877, Rhode Island School of Design (or “RIZ-dee” for the acronym RISD) is one of the oldest and best-known colleges of art and design in the country.

RISD’s Advanced Program Online is a series of intensive, collegiate-level courses for students in grades 10–12* (or the equivalent) who are 15–18 years old. This immersive online experience is designed for those interested in pursuing art and design in college and want to learn best practices in developing their work.

The role of artists and designers is, and has always been, to comment and reflect on cultural changes, but also to anticipate and inspire changes to come. Current world conditions have brought renewed emphasis on the critical role artists and designers play during times of complexity and uncertainty.

We call on creative young people to access a more ‘flexible mindset’—applying art and design methods to chart new territories of creation and problem solving. Under these circumstances, you’re given permission to shake up the ‘traditional’ ways of making, encourage full-blown experimentation and fresh, forward thinking that leads to real innovation.

* For the summer term students who are rising sophomores (grade 10 or the equivalent) or have graduated from high school this year are eligible to attend.

Info sessions and fairs

Info session webinar (recording)

This webinar is ideal for students interested in RISD Pre-Collegiate Programs and potentially applying to Rhode Island School of Design. Join RISD Admissions and Pre-College teams for this hour-long presentation and Q&A session. Learn about the basics of a RISD education and get an in-depth look at RISD Pre-College and Advanced Program Online.

Hear from students

Here’s what a few recent students had to say about their experience with RISD’s Advanced Program Online.

“I think this course completely changed my understanding of design. I realize that design is not only for people’s needs and wants, but also for the future of humanity. In the last two weeks, I learned how to build up my portfolio which is awesome. All of the lectures and materials given are super helpful. And this course saved me a lot of time for the application of RISD in the near future.”

“It is definitely a great program. Professors took care of every aspect of online learning and made it easy and accessible. Online learning should definitely remain as part of the program, so that more students from all over the world will be able to join.”

“I think the course was well organized and encouraged me to think out of the box! I loved how our instructor was so passionate and helpful in the way he explained, took the time to critique each work and explain the concepts and feedback. This definitely inspired me and increased my passion towards art.”

“This course helped me see ideas, objects, and the environment around me in ways that I have not been able to before. It helped me gain interesting perspectives and also encouraged me to explore a lot.”

“The Zoom sessions helped me get to know my classmates and feel comfortable creating and giving/receiving critique.”

“I learned the importance of perspective and proportion in drawing, and how inaccuracies or faults in either could harm the final concept. The course helped me greatly increase my skills and understanding, and I look forward to using it in the future. I think the discussion boards, specific guidelines and vast resources on Canvas helped me the most. Having an online platform that I can easily navigate and understand helped me complete my projects with less confusion.”

“Overall, the course was challenging but gave me lots of insight towards my artistic path. The instructor, TA and my peers all provided constructive feedback for my assignments which I found very helpful and practical.The course also helped me explore different materials and different ways of representing ideas.”

“It was a transformative experience for my son. Thank you for an inspiring learning experience.”