Admitted Students

Planning ahead will help make your arrival on campus as smooth as possible.

Student working in class

Forms + Documents

Make sure you’ve read, completed and submitted all required forms and documents (available on the online student applicant portal) prior to your arrival on campus.

Health Services Portal will not be available to complete until mid-April as you need to use your RISD credentials to login. However, the online form requires extensive student health information, a physician’s authorization and signature. Please review this information immediately and plan accordingly in order to return the form in time.

Friday, June 1, 2018: All forms must be completed and submitted via the online student applicant portal.

Please complete and submit all forms listed below. PLEASE NOTE: Most of these documents require a parent’s signature and are accessible on the online student applicant portal.

  • Campus ID Card
  • Health Services Portal (see above)
  • Health Insurance Verification
  • Counseling & Psychological Services Consent Form
  • Student Emergency Medical Information/Consent Form
  • Parent/Student Conduct Acknowledgement
  • Photo Consent Release
  • Art Supply Purchase Release

NOTE: Students cannot attend classes until all required forms have been signed and submitted.

Student Handbook

The student handbook contains detailed information about arrival and departure; housing, dining and safety; academic and disciplinary policies and procedures. Please read the handbook carefully. Students and their parents/guardians should be completely familiar with RISD’s official policies and procedures contained in the handbook prior to arrival on campus.

Short-Term Medical Insurance

The college requires all students to carry adequate medical insurance to help cover the extra expenses of medical treatment that is not covered by our Health Services. Medical insurance is mandatory for all students at RISD, including summer students. All medical insurance policies must be from a U.S. domestic insurance company.  If you do not have medical insurance from a U.S. domestic insurance company, you may purchase a six(6)-week short-term medical insurance policy for $164 with University Health Plans. Note: This fee is separate from the $155 RISD Health Center fee that is mandatory for all students. The short-term medical insurance fee is paid directly to University Health Plans.

If you have questions when you review the confirmation materials, or any other questions concerning the program, please feel free to email or call us at (800) 364-7473, ext. 2, or (401) 454-6200. 

Living on Campus

Housing and the Housing Application Process

Beginning in early May, students will receive an email with directions to the housing application along with other important forms such as “Weekend Away” and “Early Arrival”* forms.

The housing application will be available via the online RISD Housing Portal. This link can be found on the student applicant portal with the forms and docs checklist. All housing applications must be completed by Friday, June 1.

An important part of the residential learning experience is getting to know and interact with new friends in a new environment; therefore, RISD Pre-College does not give the option of requesting a particular roommate. To encourage this growth and foster a healthy roommate relationship, students must complete the housing application on their own and answer as candidly as possible. Our office will use the application to pair students based on important living habits (e.g., similar sleeping hours). To fully immerse in the Pre-College program, students coming from the same school, city or major will not be paired together.

* International and West Coast students traveling long distances may submit a request for an early arrival through the Residence Life Office. There is a $50 charge for early arrival, payable with the submission of your “Early Arrival” form. We cannot provide housing before 9am on Friday, June 22.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Residence Life Office at (401) 454-6650 or with any questions about housing and dining. To best assist you, please indicate that you are calling or emailing regarding RISD Pre-College.

In Case of Emergency

Public Safety: 401-454-6666

If you or someone may be in danger or is having a medical, mental health or safety emergency, call Public Safety at 401-454-6376 or its emergency line above (x6666 from a campus phone). Public Safety Officers are trained EMTs and can respond to emergency situations on or near the RISD campus.

Providence Police Department: (401) 272-3121 or 911

Students should program these numbers into their mobile phones.

Student Accounts + Services

RISD Alert

The RISD!ALERT emergency notification system uses broadcast phone, e-mail and/or text message for quick distribution of time-sensitive information to students, faculty, staff and their family members. The primary e-mail address listed on the Pre-College application is automatically enrolled in the system.

Pre-College students must sign up for the RISD!ALERT system by June 24. You will need a mobile phone that can accept text messages and has a 10-digit US phone number.

During critical events involving your personal safety, you will receive advisories and instructions to the cell phone number you provide. Additional information will be communicated on RISD’s home page at during and after the emergency.

RISD will use this system only in the event of an emergency involving an immediate, substantial, and ongoing risk to the health and safety of members of the campus community or an unforeseen event causing sudden, significant disruption of campus activities, as well as for occasional test messages to ensure the system is working and contact information is current. RISD will not use the system for routine messages or when time allows for communication by traditional means.

Please be aware that in the event of an actual emergency some communications systems may become overloaded or inoperable. Please note that telephone and text/SMS numbers are limited to U.S. and Canadian numbers, and that, depending on the applicable plan, you may incur charges for receiving cellphone and text messages through this system.

For more information about RISD!ALERT go to:

RISD Network Account

Pre-College students are assigned a RISD account (username and password) that provides access to resources and services on campus such as risdbucks (prepaid debit account), housing, and secure wireless (RISD WiFi). After April 24, students will receive two separate email notifications from RISD’s Information Technology Services (ITS) to the primary email address indicated on the Pre-College application. The first notification will identify your RISD account username. The second notification will contain your account password. In the event you do not receive your credentials any time after April 24, ITS suggests students check their primary email’s spam and junk inboxes or contact RISD’s IT Services Desk at (401) 454-6106.

Art Supplies and Presentation Materials 

General Supply List 

Depending on the student’s major and approaches taken by different instructors, supplies can sometimes total more than $800 for the Pre-College Program. Items in the General Supply List will get you started with most of your general needs for the foundation courses, and whatever supplies you can bring from home will reduce the amount you have to spend while at the program. Supply lists for your specific major will be distributed at check-in. Please know that you will be asked to buy more specific supplies, beyond both this list and the major supply list, after the program begins. Most Pre-College supplies are available at the RISD Store or the RISD Store 3D.


RISD to Go: RISD is excited to announce a new mobile solution that will personalize your RISD experience. My RISD App offers interactive maps to help navigate you around campus, display the pre-college schedule, upcoming events, dining locations, laundry locations, local resources and so much more. RISD will also use the My RISD App to communicate with you as well. The App uses banners and notifications to get you the information you need as you need it.

Get started on your Pre-College experience now and take RISD with you everywhere you go: Download the “My RISD” App from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Check-in Day 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

All Pre-College students must attend the Pre-College check-in and orientation on Saturday, June 23. Students and their families may check in anytime that day from 9:00am to 2:30pm. Mandatory orientation starts at 3:00pm.

Pre-College Check in Day Schedule:

  • 9am – 2:30pm:


  • 3 – 5:00pm:

    Pre-College Student Orientation (mandatory student attendance)

  • 3 – 4:15pm:

    Parents/Guardians Reception (optional)

  • 7:00pm:

    Residence Life Orientation (residential students only)

  • 8:30pm:

    Welcome Event


  • Parking is available at two MetroPark parking lots (see map) located at the corner of Park Row and Canal Street and near Stillman Street and Exchange Street. You may then walk or take the shuttle to Check-In located at 30 Waterman Street. Free parking is only available in these lots until 4:30pm.
  • For all residential students, it is recommended that you clearly label all luggage so that it can be easily retrieved from the drop-off point, and not be confused with other students’ belongings. It is also advisable to pack everything in suitcases, bags and boxes–unpacked items become difficult to manage.
  • All Pre-College students, including residential and commuting, must attend Pre-College check-in and orientation. Check-in procedures include: residence hall room assignments and access; ID cards with RISDbucks; registration and class schedules; CE Business Office for billing issues; Health Services; Public Safety; laundry service pick-up; RISD Store accounts and art supply kit pick-up.
  • The Met dining facility, located in the Lower Met, will be open for brunch and dinner on Check-In Day. Please join us for a hosted brunch, from 10:00am – 2:00pm, for family members and guests of students. Students will swipe their ID cards for meals on Saturday to confirm that their account is set-up properly.

Late Arrivals:

All students are required to arrive on time for Check-In and Orientation. Students whose travel has been interrupted and arrive between 2:30 – 5:00 should immediately go to Orientation located on Nickerson Green. If for some reason your travel plans are interrupted and you find that you are arriving after Orientation, please go directly to Public Safety for further instructions.  Please include your name, phone number and program you are attending. The Assistant Director of Pre-College will be notified of all late arrivals who may request documentation or verification of travel interruption.

Students in Homer, Nickerson, South or East Halls who miss Check-In hours and arrive later in the evening must report to the Office of Public Safety at 30 Waterman Street (phone 401-454-6376).

Students in 15 West who miss Check-In hours and arrive later in the evening must report to the Office of Public Safety at 15 Westminster Street (phone 401-427-6915).

Pre-College Exhibitions

Exhibition + Checkout Info

Finals Critique Week is the chance to show your stuff!

Finals Critique Week

Students are in their final classes all day, every day of Finals Critique week – presenting and documenting their work, giving and receiving critiques and having individual meetings with instructors. Students should plan on being on campus until 4:00pm (end of class) on Friday, August 3. Students may not leave their final class(es) early and must also be available to collect their artwork from the exhibitions. Students, parents, guardians and family members should plan their travel arrangements accordingly.

PLEASE NOTE: The final week of class is an especially intensive time, and students are highly focused on developing and presenting their final projects–right through the final day of class. We welcome you to come to Providence and join us for the Final Exhibitions as your travel plans allow, but please be mindful that students need to keep their attention on their studies during this time. We ask that you respect the student’s time and energy and keep distractions to a minimum.

Student Exhibitions

The summer culminates with the annual Pre-College Exhibitions. The Majors Exhibition showcases pieces produced in the studios of all 20 majors; the Fashion Majors Show highlights wearable art; the Foundations Exhibition presents work from Drawing Foundations and Design Foundations; and Video Screenings show the work of Film/Video and Animation majors.

Majors Exhibition Opening
Wednesday, August 1, 5-8pm
Woods-Gerry Gallery
Exhibition continues Thursday, August 2 (10am-6pm) and Friday, August 3 (10am-2:30pm).

Foundations Exhibition Opening
Wednesday, August 1, 5-8pm
Memorial Hall Gallery
Exhibition continues Thursday, August 2 (10am-6pm) and Friday, August 3 (10am-2:30pm).

Fashion Majors Show
Wednesday, August 1
Metcalf Auditorium
Rehearsal Run-Through: 5pm
Main Event: 6:30pm

Pre-College Film/Video and Animation Screenings
Thursday, August 2, 6-8pm
Metcalf Auditorium, Chace Center/RISD Museum

Artist Ball
Thursday, August 2, 8-11pm
(For students ONLY)

Artwork Pick-Up

Friday, August 3, 2:30-5:30pm
Students are responsible for picking up work between 2:30 and 5:30pm on Friday, August 3. Students, parents or guests may not remove artwork from galleries prior to 2:30pm on Friday, August 3. Removal of artwork prior to the pick-up time will result in a failing grade for the course. Any artwork not picked up by 5:30pm on Friday, August 3 will be discarded.

Parents or friends may pick up artwork for a student. Anyone picking up artwork for a student must present a picture ID along with a note from the student authorizing the pick-up.

UPS Artwork Pick-up and Shipping: UPS* will be on campus to help with shipping items for students and parents. They will be in the lobby of 15 West and in the Quad, and will also be at the final exhibitions. To make arrangements for UPS to pick up artwork from one or both of the galleries please contact:

UPS, Wayland Square, 11 S. Angell Street
Providence, RI 02906 (401) 751-6245.

Check-Out Information

Final residence hall room check-out is Saturday, August 4 at 12 noon. All students and their belongings must be checked out of their rooms and off-campus by this time.

UPS* will be on campus during Check-Out to assist students who need to ship belongings home. There will be two UPS pick-up locations: 55 Angell St. (the Quad) and 15 Westminster Street during the following times: Watch this page for specific days and times that UPS will be on campus during finals week.

Early Room Check-out: Students may check out of their rooms as early as Wednesday, August 1 (with their parent/guardian oversight and consent). Students checking out of their room prior to Friday, August 3 must complete this request on the Res Life Parent Housing Portal.

All students, whether checked out early, remaining as residents, or commuting, are still required to attend ALL final classes, until the end of class, and must be available to remove artwork from the student exhibitions, as described above, to be considered as having completed the Pre-College Program. Students and parents should plan on students remaining on campus, until the end of their Friday class and after their artwork has been picked up from the Exhibitions.

Residence Life and Continuing Education staff will not ship items left behind on campus including in residence halls, classrooms and artwork from exhibitions.

* NOTE: On-campus pick-up by UPS is a convenience offered to our students. UPS is an outside provider, and is not associated with Rhode Island School of Design. All shipping arrangements and payments with UPS are made directly between the student, parent/guardian and UPS.


RISD Pre-College now uses Parchment to process transcript requests. You may order paper transcripts or e-transcripts, for yourself or for an institution, with this service. To order official transcripts, please visit the Parchment Transcript Request page. Please note there is a fee to process each request. IMPORTANT NOTICE: RISD Continuing Education has upgraded to a new Parchment platform. If you have requested transcripts via Parchment for RISD Continuing Education prior to August 1, 2018, you will be required to create a new username and password.