COVID-19 Safety Information

RISD has developed a comprehensive set of protocols and associated policies to protect the health and safety of Pre-College students and the broader community from the spread of the novel coronavirus on campus. Below are the current requirements and protocols pertinent to COVID-19 and the Pre-College 2022 program. These requirements and guidelines may continue to evolve and change as we near the start of the program. RISD continues to work closely with the Rhode Island Department of Health and monitor Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Regardless of any changes in those requirements and guidelines, all Pre-College participants will be required to comply.

All students participating in RISD Pre-College will have daily access to RISD Health Services.

Updates to COVID-19 related policies and decisions will be posted on and communicated to the Pre-College community through email and student portals, as they are available.


RISD requires COVID-19 vaccination in addition to all other currently required vaccinations. RISD will continue to follow CDC recommendations with regards to the longevity of vaccinations and the possible need for boosters. RISD will accept vaccines approved for emergency use authorization by the FDA or emergency listing by the World Health Organization.

Those not vaccinated will be subject to increased health and safety protocol. This population consists of the following:

  • Students with an approved exemption
  • Students with vaccinations that are not recognized by WHO

Face Coverings

RISD will continue to require that face coverings be worn indoors, except while eating, but they can be removed in outdoor settings. Non-vaccinated individuals should continue to wear face coverings outdoors if they cannot practice physical distancing. Students may remove face coverings when in their residence hall rooms, even in the presence of their roommates.

Students who do not comply with the stated face covering requirements will be subject to the Student Conduct Process.

Gatherings and Events

There will be no capacity limits for internal gatherings on the RISD campus, including academic, co-curricular, and community-wide events, but all participants must wear face coverings while indoors. RISD will not host public events that are being held indoors (full or in part). Outdoor public events can be held and non-vaccinated attendees should wear masks when they can not maintain three feet of social distance. Visitors will be allowed in all RISD buildings, including residence halls, but must wear face coverings when indoors. Overnight guests are not permitted.

Spaces that are open to the public, such as the RISD Museum, Fleet Library, and the RISD Store, will follow general business guidelines from the State of Rhode Island, with the additional measure of requiring face coverings.


Arrival Testing

Individuals identified for arrival testing will receive an invitation to schedule an appointment.

Surveillance Testing

Vaccinated individuals
Surveillance testing for COVID-19 will continue at a rate of 20 percent of the population per week. Individuals will be selected through a randomized algorithm.

Unvaccinated individuals
Mandatory weekly testing for COVID-19 will be required for 100 percent of the unvaccinated population to maintain access to campus. This population consists of unvaccinated students and employees with an approved exemption; and employees and students with vaccinations that are not recognized by WHO.

Increased Protocol
Mandatory weekly testing for COVID-19 will be required for 100 percent of the unvaccinated population and they are strongly encouraged to wear masks even when outdoors if they are unable to physically distance.

Failure to Complete Testing
If a student misses their testing appointment, they must reschedule as soon as possible for the next available testing time.

If an unvaccinated or partially vaccinated student misses testing and fails to reschedule, their campus access will be deactivated and Continuing Education and their parents will be notified. If students do not test, they will be removed from the Pre-College program and will not receive a refund.

Positive Cases

Students are notified of a positive test result by Health Services, who gives isolation instruction and collects close contacts; Health Services notifies the student’s instructor, Continuing Education, technicians, department coordinators and all close contacts.

Given the nature and duration of the Pre-College program, any individual (vaccinated or unvaccinated) who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to leave the program. RISD will support the student as necessary, including but not limited to temporary isolated housing to support safe travel home. Students who are required to leave the program due to a positive COVID-19 test result will receive a refund of the program cost.